Bach Flowers for ADD / ADHD – Focusing, Attention and Concentration: Chestnut Bud, Clematis, White Chestnut


The following Bach flower remedies can help up with beeing inattentive or dreamy, if we have difficulties concentrating, staying on track and procrastinating and loosing things, forgetting dates, …
These flowers have to do with the issue of not beeing present with your mind in the moment, but somewhere else.

Wow, these themes are no way referring to any of us ADDers, huh? 😉 No problem at all 🙂 LOL


English: Chestnut flower These amazing inflore...

English:Chestnut flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jonathan Billinger

  • Busy mind full of thoughts
  • repetitive thoughts
  • repetitive sorrows and worries in the mind
  • worries or  fears always “ramble”  in the mind
  • to-do-list doesn`t stop inthe mind
  • ongoing conversations in the mind about discussions and  talks you had with others ( “i should have said thisand that” ) Continue reading

the 15 minute timer update…ah now I get it! :-)


So while I was copying and paste my old articles I also read them.. well, the short ones to be true… and I stepped upon the 15 minute timer thing again and

Yes! I learned now how to use it or better say how it should be used: So no its not about taking a break 😦


Timer (Photo credit: cdw9)

but the idea is to stay on track with what you are doing, it helps managing distraction!

So while I am working on something, I set the timer, 15 minutes, and when the alarm goes of, I ll check: Am i still doing what I actually wanted to do? Am I still focused on the task I planned and started with? Am I still on track?
or did I already managed to play a game online, check my mails, write comments in fb, surf on the net for some “very important” research, when in fact I sat down to write a text for work, for example. Continue reading