Lemonbalm = Melissae officinalis – helps to calm your mind and belly

Lemonbalm, Melissae officinalis, is a wonderful lemonlike aromatic herb.

English: Melissa officinalis L.

English: Melissa officinalis L. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Amedee Masclef

Not only bees love this plant, it helps us to calm down and it gives clarity, be it in the daytime when You are too confused
or in the evening to help  calm down the  mind when all those thoughts and to-do’s spin around in your head.

This plant can help you to get to sleep and have wonderful dreams. 😉

Melissa also helps when your digestive system is up and down, when your worries or stress is hitting on your stomach and you feel sick.

The essential oil from Melissae offic. is very precious and therefor very expensive. Often cheaper essential oils are called Melissae oil, but there not from Melissae offininalis but mostly from a plant called Melissa indicum, this plant has not the same effect.

But it is easy to use Melissae offic. as herbal tea.
Just have a cup of  melissa tea when you want to calm down, need some rest from a busy day or mind or if you have problems with going to bed or fall asleep. It also lifts up emotionally when you are feeling  sad or  depressed.

Melissa is like a gentle loving touch and comforting when anxiety, stress or anger  bothers Your body and mind.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)