Bach Flowers for Focus, Attention and Concentration: Chestnut Bud, Clematis, White Chestnut

The following Bach flower remedies can help up with beeing inattentive or dreamy, if we have difficulties concentrating, staying on track and procrastinating and loosing things, forgetting dates, …
These flowers have to do with the issue of not beeing present with your mind in the moment, but somewhere else.

Wow, these themes are no way referring to any of us ADDers, huh? 😉 No problem at all 🙂 LOL


English: Chestnut flower These amazing inflore...

English:Chestnut flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jonathan Billinger

  • Busy mind full of thoughts
  • repetitive thoughts
  • repetitive sorrows and worries in the mind
  • worries or  fears always “ramble”  in the mind
  • to-do-list doesn`t stop inthe mind
  • ongoing conversations in the mind about discussions and  talks you had with others ( “i should have said thisand that” )
  • thoughts are like skipping on a vinyl record ( and banging the head wouldn`t help stopping the thoughts,  like you would do it with a
    record player 😉  )
  • White Chestnut helps us to stop the thoughts  that are not important right now and bother us. Therefor we can concentrate on what is important now.
    Also helps us to stop thinking about things that already happened and we cannot change anymore. Even if we think a lot about what we should have done or said – it happened, we cannot change it, so now let go and relax. 🙂
  • helps if  falling asleep is difficult, because your mind is busy with thinking or worrying


Clematis  (c) TheFemmeADDon

(c) TheFemmeADDon

  • Inattentive/ dreamy / wandering mind and person/ drifting off  into thoughts and daydreams
  • daydreaming about future, about a phantastic world, living in phantasies, living in “another world”
  • not being here & now with the thoughts, but in an imaginative and better elsewhere
  • not beeing in the present, not really here
  •  also when procrastinating by playing games/surfing the web /  staring at the wall
  • also when always forgetting things, dates, meetings, loosing things because of inattentiveness  and beeing dreamy
  • not staying on track with what you actually started
  •  helps concentrating & focusing and paying attention to the present


English: Horse-chestnut bud bursting into leaf...

English: Horse-chestnut bud bursting into leaf.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Martyn Gorman

  • always making the same mistakes and not learning from experiences
  • unable to change a repetitive situation/   do something different next time
  • always beeing late, always forgetting things because they are always not in a place you would find them, even if you know  better
  • also  starting again  a relationship with a partner of the same character like the one/ the others  before, even if that kind of person doesn t match with you well
  • also looking again for the same kind of job you had before, even if it wasnt good for you
  • procrastinating, always doing things in the last minute
  • not beeing in the present, you are always one step ahead of time
  • Also after leaving the house, running back to check if you really shut down electrical appliances, the stove, the iron, the computer, etc. – this behaviour maybe also start to become neurotic, like you always have to get back and check
  • may help with learning difficulties or legasthenia, give it a try 😉


Clematis and Chestnut Bud may seem somehow similar, especially when it comes to procrastination and forgetting things.
The main theme of Chestnud Bud is making the same mistakes and not beeing able to change something, not beeing able to learn from experiences and change a situation.
Maybe you find yourself  asking: Why did this happen again? Why do I always get into the same (shitty) situation?

Also Chestnud Bud is more in the future, a step ahead of time, for ex. you are leaving the house and your thoughts are already at the upcoming meeting, instead of you beeing  in the present moment of leaving the house and do all the things and to check what is important now, now that you leave the house, like taking your keys, shutting down the iron, computer, etc.

Clematis is more of a daydreamer. Maybe you dream about a fantastic world, about how the future could be, maybe you cant really remember where you where with your attention and thoughts.
Maybe you get asked from friends ” hello, where are you? Are you still with us?” or you get a feedback that you are somehow not much present, that they have the impression you are not interested in their conversations, etc.

If you are not sure, which Remedy to take, Clematis or Chestnud Bud,  try first one Remedy for a while and then the other for a while. See if you recognize any change. Choose the one that help you more. If both help you, you may need both of them.

How to take Bach Flower Remedies,  find here

The original post with comments is here


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