Bach Flower Remedies for Indecision and insecurity: Wild Oat, Cerato, Scleranthus

The following Bach Flowers can help if you have difficulties making  decisions.

Some of us want a lot from life or maybe just some little things to get, but we dont know how  to decide what? where? when? how?

and we feel insecure and  stressed out, when we have to make a decision.

These Flowers have also to do with  not trusting our instincts, not beeing in contact with ourselves.

English: Common Wild Oat, Avena fatua. Deutsch...

English: Common Wild Oat, Avena fatua. Deutsch: Flug-Hafer, Avena fatua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Christian Fischer


  •  Having the wish to do something of prominence in life/  having ambitions for life
  •  wish to make many experiences and enjoy life to the full
  •  many many ideas without a plan what I really want, what is the one thing I wanna do, learn, work, achieve in life
  •  life-changing decisions / difficulties to decide on the big plan in life,
  • always, most of the time  starting something, a lot of things without finishing them/ also starting a job,  studies without finishing them or not keeping the job because nothing fits, because its not the right thing, because you have the feeling if you decide for one thing you can`t do all the other things you wanna do
  • thoughts of not really following your talents or now you wanna follow another plan , idea
  • not beeing able to decide from many possibilities, many wishes
  • beeing frustrated because indecisiveness leeds to the feeling of not really following the own personal aim in life and standing behind the actual life (plan) &  not beeing able to live your possibilities and talents because of indecisions and insecurities


Illustration Scleranthus annuus0

  • Not beeing able to choose between mostly two things
  • it`s always ” this or that? ” 
  • not asking others for help on how to decide
  • not talking with others about the own indecision and insecurities
  • always unable to decide for smaller and bigger things
  • opinion changes quickly, now this seems right and  a little bit later the other option seems right and so on


This image shows the blossom of a Blue Leadwoo...

This image shows the blossom of a Blue Leadwood (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)André Karwath aka Aka

  • Having a feeling for the right decision, but not trusting your instincts
  • Maybe decision-making is easy, but immediately after that, you always bring your decisions into question
  • always asking others about their opinion for a decision and often beeing misguided
  • collecting a lot of information about anything you want to get, buy, about every decision you need to make~
    but all the information doesn`t help you and confuse you even more, makes it more difficult orunpossible to decide for the right thing
  • getting on others nerves   for asking about their opinion on every little thing
  • Following the opinions of others is not a good choice and after You`ve  decided something on the opinion of others, you mostly say ” oh, this wasn`t a good decision, I should have followed my own insticts. I knew better!

Differentiation of Bach Flowers for indecisiveness  and insecurity:

CERATO – everyday decision problems and always asking others, collecting information, having a feeling, instict for the right decision

WILD OAT – searching for the big plan in life, life-changing decisions, lots of wishes and talents and possibilities

SCLERANTHUS – mostly a decision between 2 options, NOT asking others,
beeing more the quitely suffering, silent type of person, positive feeling for the one or other option changes quickly

Maybe you need 2 flower remedies of the above mentioned:
Wild Oat and Scleranthus or Wild Oat and Cerato

Scleranthus and Cerato at the same time doesnt make sense. Maybe you are in a Cerato state for a while and some other time in a Scleranthus state. Then choose the one remedy that represents your state of mind right now.

For directions on how to use Bach Flower remedies , see here


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