Herbal and alternative treatment for ADD

On the following articles I like to share some herbal and alternative treatment tips especially for us ADDers/ ADHDers.

I copied my posts into this section, into an easier to find order and they are categorized.
So you dont have to search the chronological order from my main site. 🙂

You can use these tips for  self-help, if You dont like to use synthetic meds, but also if You are taking medication and want to do something for yourself and when you are looking for some specific effect.

If you have a severe illness, be it physical or emotional,  find some professional advice from a medical doctor, naturopath or  psychotherapist.
All my tips are for self-helf, I do not claim any garanty or responsibility here,  for the effect from treating yourself with alternative methods and related to my shared content.
I raise no  claim to completeness, but I like to give an idea what herbs are out there, that can help with ADD symptoms. If you are interested in a herb or essence, you can also find more information on the web.

I am planning to portrait plants, essential oils and Bach Flower remedies for the following issues:
Anxiety, confusion, sadness, anger, feelings of guilt, problems with focusing, calming down, sleep difficulties, super-sensivity, ….

Self-help is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can be more helpful to find a professional who knows about and works with herbal medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture or other alternative treatments.
There are many medical plants and they are very individual, just like we are.
This is why one plant will help one person, for example, with insomnia, but the same herb might not  help the other person who can’t sleep.
A herbalist can make a recipe for a herbal remedy, with different herbs with different amounts in it,  a remedy that is individual and will fit your symptoms and your personality. This is similar for the work of Aromatherapists or for an Acupuncturist.
At least that is how I work. Alternative treatment is always very individual. Even if we have ADD/ADHD, we are very different and have very different lifes, symptoms and ways to cope with. And we react very individual on treatment.

Please feel free to share your experiences and please  ask me to write about herbal tratment for  issues I havent thought about.

Happy to read from you and please be patient with me answering your comments and filling my blog with content . 😉


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