How to use Medical Herbs

Have a cup of tea …

The easiest way to use herbs, is to make yourself a cup of tea.

Tea Time

Tea Time (Photo credit: Maia C)

Take 1 teaspoon of herb per cup and brew boiling water on it. Cover the cup/ pot with with a plate,  to keep the aroma and heat in the cup.
Let is stay for 10 to 15 minutes ( only for herbal tea not for white, green or black tea) and pass it through a tea strainer.
Enjoy your cup of tea with consciounsness and awareness, smell it and enjoy it with all your senses. Maybe you also like to be thankful, that nature gives us all these wonderful plants that can help us.

Try to find loose herbs for tea, not herbs that are pressed in a tea bag. You can use a tea  filter bag, so that the herb can spread itself in the hot water in your teacup or teapot.
I also recommend herbs from organic agriculture or  wild growing herbs that have been picked respectfully  or at least herbs that are tested for beeing pesticide-free.

Duration of herbal tea treatment

Please notice,   a herbal tea is  also medicine!
For acute symptoms you can drink a herbal tea 3 times a day for about 3- 5 day. If you have severe symptoms or symptoms that don t go away, please see a doctor or naturopath for medical advice.
If you have chronic symptoms or want to support a health condition of yours with medical herbs, you can drink 1 cup of tea 1- 3 times a day. You follow this herbal treatment  for 4- 6 weeks  and than take a break for 4 weeks and if you still need more, start again with the herbal treatment.
Like this you give your body a break from the same herbal medicine, so your system doesn`t get used to it.

This is  a general information.  Some herbs should not to be taken for such a long time, like Thyme or Chamomille. If I describe some of these short-term herbs, I will let you know how long or short you can take them.

This is my advice for self-help. In my herbal practice I can control the effects of a herbal recipe on a person and also change the herbs after a while and if needed. A medical herbalist can help you, if you want to treat yourself with herbs for a long time  and for a chronic condition.

Other ways of using medical herbs:

Tinctures, homeopathy,ready-made herbal remedies, etc.

Irakischer Maler des Kräuterbuchs des Dioskuri...

Herbal Medicine Book of Dioskurides; Irakischer Maler des Kräuterbuchs des Dioskurides 001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People always had a lot of  ideas and found different ways on  how to get the healing ingredients from a plant into a form that we can use.
There are tinctures, where the dry or fresh herb is put into alcohol for some weeks, to extract the ingredients .
There is homeopathy where through potentiation the energy of the plant is “released and catched” into a homeopathic medicine.
There are fluids, ready to take herbal medicine in capsules, pills, creams, etc…
There is the spagyric medicine, inspired by Alchemy, with spagyric herbal medicine to get the outmost of a plant “into a bottle”.
There are essential oils, the  aromatic essence of a plant.
There is even the huge pharmaindustry who tries to isolate just one ingredient of a plant and sell it in pills.
And so on. and so on.

I will refer here to taking herbs in form of tea. That is the easiest way, one of the oldest ways and it`s the most safe way, especially when using herbs for self-help.
You cannot take every plant and make a tea out of it for health benefits. But most of the medical plants, release most of their healing ingredients into the hot water.


2 thoughts on “How to use Medical Herbs

  1. Thank you for this manual! 🙂

    I have used the teas as you mentioned and maybe it is simply a case of being aware of their power, but I feel their are very helpful now, maybe I was not taking the right teas before as well as not being aware. I have now used Melissa, Thyme and Chamomile and feel they have been doing “something”.

    Unrelated to this, I have had a period of almost 4 days of being so ill that I have been filled with many different strong medications and I almost felt at times overwhelmed by the amount of different things I was having to take. Being on antibiotics, something for the pain, a strong medication for bad cough and a medicated nasal spray I felt that my Melissa drops were too much. I have enjoyed the feeling of a Eucalyptus and peppermint Salbe on my chest,but I am not feeling that the Melissa are doing their usual thing, maybe because I am so severely ill what they do gets lost.

    When you feel this way, is it that the Melissa is still doing its thing and one should stay with it, or is it a case of waiting until you are not overwhelmed by medication that keeps you so disconnected you cannot feel much, before continuing with Melissa?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Dear Rita,
    You are very welcome and thanks for reading my blog and commenting.
    I totally support some of the ideas you mentioned.
    Yes I think it is quite good to know, what a meical plant can help you with, it has to do with awareness and also appreciation of the plant. When I work with clients and prescribe them an individual tea recipe, I always tell them which herb helps for which symptom. My idea is that you can get better connected with the full power, the energy, the healing power and the character of a plant. It’s like, letting the herb be a supportive friend of yours. And wouldn’t you like to know your friends name and get to know your friend a bit?;-)

    And as there are many herbs to choose, it is good to try different herbs and see which ones help you right now or for a period of time.

    Another good thing you did was going to see a doctor when you have severe symptoms or a severe illness and when herbs alone dont help you get better. I always say there is a time and limit for everything.:-)
    And when you are on strong medication right now and already feel overwhelmed by all that medication, it makes no sense to take more medication as long as you dont need it right now for getting better.
    As I understand, you are taking Melissa for other reasons, but now you have an acute infection. So let the acute infection heal first and take only that medicine that is important now to cure this infection. Later you can go back and take the Melissa again.
    This is why you feel that your Melissa medicine is not doing what it did before: because right now the priority is somewhere else.

    Also, when you feel overwhelmed or you feel like one herb tastes so awful you cannot take it, or that one essential oil has a smell that makes you sick: don`t use it! Or take a break.
    Herbal medicine will do no harm if you take a break, it is not like antibiotics where it is important to take the pills for a specified amount of time. Also taking a break from herbal medicine or one specific herb, is something that I advice, as written i my post.
    Your body can clearly tell you what is good for you. That is the wonderful side of herbal medicine. 🙂
    And there are many different herbs and remedies to choose from, there sure will be one that is good for you and you can sympathize with.
    So you did just the right thing. Listen to your body and go with your gutts 😉

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