How to use Bach Flower Remedies …

Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where to get Bach Flower Remedies?

You can buy Bach Flower remedies in health stores, pharmacies, drugstores or online. There are different brands. There is the  brand called ” Bach” , but there are also alternative brands selling Bach Flowers.  Just make sure that they are declared as: made according to the original recipe from Dr. Bach  or according to the original directions of  Dr. Edward Bach, or at least anything that says  original and Bach….

How to Use Bach Flower Remedies:

On the tongue method:
Rescue Remedies
are beeing taken immediately out of the stockbottle. Place 3 drops on your tongue or rub the drops into the inside of elbow or wrist. For the use on animals, you can rub the some drops of the remedy between the shoulder blades, works really good! 🙂

Bach Flowers contain alcohol!
You can find Rescue Remedy also in form of candy drops or made with glycerine or as cream for external use. There are also Bach Flowers available made with glycerine, for those who don t want to use anything with alcohol in it.

For short time ( 1 day) use / immediate use for short-term moods ( Glass method) : 
Place 2 drops of each remedy in a glass with still water. If you prefer using rescue Remedy in water place 4 drops in the glass of water.
Take a sip of water throughout the day, until you feel better.


Dropper (Photo credit: Nomadic Lass)

For long time use ( Bottle method) :
Place 2 drops of each chosen Bach Flower in a 30 ml dropper bottle. Fill it with good clear and still water.
You can also add 1 tsp. of vinegar or   good old brandy or glycerine in the bottle for stability, if you want to use the mixture  for longer then
3 – 4 weeks.

Take 4 drops of your water-remedy mixture directly on your tongue, before and after sleeping and 2 times  during the day.
If you feel the need to take them more often, you can take them up to  8 times during the day.

For long time use , it is good to use the remedy at least 1-2 times per day for about 3 – 4 weeks ( or longer). Especially if You use a mixture for long-term problems/emotions, it is good to take the chosen  Bach Flowers for a longer period of time, at least 1 month. Even if you feel much better or the symptoms are gone, I have made good experiences with continuing the treatment and take them at least 1 time a day for about a month. You can try to build them in some routine, like before going to sleep, before breakfast, after waking up, …

If the Bach Flowers don’t help, you may have not chosen the right ones. Maybe you can ask somebody else to choose them for you or find a professional Bach Flower advisor.

Or maybe the Bach Flowers don’t work for You and there are other therapies that work better .

For severe psychological problems go and see a doctor or naturopath or therapist.

How to choose Bach Flowers will come soon… 🙂


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