Happy New Year!


As the last hours of this year past, I wish everyone all the best, a happy and healthy New Year.

Have lots of fun, enjoy your life, don’t be too hard on yourself, and I wish everyone to fulfill their wishes.

Big THANK YOU for reading my blog and commenting.

And a good blog on! for all the other bloggers. ❤

Yeah! 🙂



primrose .  scan and photoshop(c) thefemmeaddon


ADHD Awareness Month and Expo


Yeah let`s celebrate ourselves! 🙂

It is ADHD Awareness Month and there is a ADHD Awareness expo happening online this week, that You can register for free.

Interesting short videos and more….

Here is the link:


I just watched the video with Lidia Zylowska in the Archive, talking about Mindfulness and ADHD.

She wrote the book I talked about in a previous post  ” A Mindfulness prescription for ADHD” .

Though I am still struggling to read the book, it is so informative I cannot put it aside. And after watchig the video, I must say, I found the author so sympathetic, I wanna read the book even more! :-)) funny isnt it?

And actually since I have the book, I started to informe myself more and more about Mindfulness.

I wish You all a wonderful week and enjoy the Expo.

Credits and copyright for pictures


As I m writing in wordpress now, I found this easy to handle function:  WP is offering me links to websites and pictures related to my content.
BUT what I dont like, is that the name of the photographer doesnt appear under the picture.   Thanks to my partner for mentioning this! 🙂

When I choose a commom license pic from wikipedia, it says ” source: Wikipedia” without naming the photographer. Only when you click on the picture, only then you are forwarded to the wikipedia site with the picture and the name of the photographer.:-( Not nice! I try to take as many pictures that I shot as I can , but  I dont have so many related to my content.
This is something I liked more about tumblr- tumblr would always name the source and the copyright person. Continue reading

another reason for moving to WP from tumblr


So here s the other reason I moved to WP, cuz here I can put up pages and categorize them.


I just had the idea recently to put information on the Web about alternative help for ADDers/ ADHDers. I wanna post some information about natural treatment/ self-helf with herbs, essential oils and Bach Flower remedies,etc.  for all those who seek alternative treatment/ support without synthetic medication or wanna take some natural remedies with their meds.

Well anyway it is

my profession, I do work as self-employed naturopath with medical plants and Japanese Acupuncture, but apart from that I am really excited to share my knowledge with other ADD folks out there. 🙂

I am planning to post articles about specific herbs that can help you to focus, help you to sleep, calms you down or gives you more energy, and so on….

So there s a lot to do! Still have to find the right theme, where the letters are not that small! And putting everything in here, so yeah! another big exciting project…not that I have completed the other “hundreds” projects I am on, but hey lets keep life exciting!!! and busy! 😉

New old Blog…moving from tumblr


Hello everyone…

So I thought I ll move from tumblr, now that its sold to yahoo…. Spend hours now with finding a theme ( for now) , setting the colors, copy and paste my articles from tumblr, until I finally found the “import articles”  settings here on WP.

Puh…. and I actually remembered again what I dont like about WordPress…. some things you have to search for hours, I cant change the size or style of the letters / font without paying…well its ONLY 39 USDollars, so? ….and so on….

But there are also things I dont like about tumblr… tumblr is more easy, it is much easier to paste in articles and videos from other sites and it shows you immediately all the information needed: where is the source of the data, it shows a little preview pic of the link, etc…

BUT:  I couldnt find good themes yet for articles and I cannot structure my text and article how I like them to be.

And NO I am not going to learn now how to set up a website by myself, how to deal with css and all that, oh no that would be tooooo much on my never ending, never finishing To-Do-List!


So I try and figure out what I ll do, probably keeping both blogs and importing from tumblr all the links and videos 😉

So instead of writing the articles I wanted to, I spend hours on the Settings and trying to find editing and importing buttons, and now its 5 a.m.!!! Typical ADD in a way for me….

Hurry to bed…. now 🙂

Some general information


So of course, some of my ADD symptoms, I mentioned before, aren`t immediately a proof for having ADD. There is much more about it, there are other diagnosis that can cause the same symptoms.
Just to name a few: Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), …
Also there are so called comorbidities, which means there are more syndroms present in one person. AD/HD can come along with Depression, PTSD, etc…

And there are many beautiful sides of ADD: Creativity, different and open thinking, and many many more.

If You think You have Adult AD/HD, get informed: There are plenty of sites on the web that can give You a clear view of ADD. I will soon add some links.
And find a specialist. Get connected with others.

ADD comes along in various forms. With or without hyperactivity, emphasis on beeing distracted, mixed forms,…

There are also different spellings, like ADD, AD/HD, AD(H)D, and so on.
I will spell it ADD, cuz it’s easier for me to write.;)