How Pressure, Finances And Deadlines Make Me Suddenly Work With ADHD



It has been ages since I wrote in my blog.

This was a crazy busy year with severe health issues in my family, suddenly finding myself close again to my parents and having to take care of them. I might tell You some other time about the stress, emotional conflict and overwhelm , this sudden caretaking caused.

Having to leave  my hometown so often , my business was running very low or better say crawling and actually resting!
That caused several financial panic attacks: In summer I was so broke I had no idea how to buy food for me and my cat. Of course the cat got sick, too and had to go to the Vet, which sure I did but therefor even had less money. Useless to say, that my bank account was on the maximum line of credit.

However this ADD mind of mine works, I
1. Procrastinated earning some money and remained in a state of panic
2. Finally, under extreme financial pressure, I started to write job applications for all kind of jobs that I was not   really interested in – I love being self-employed!
3. Eventually I wrote applications for 2 schools to work as a teacher for Aromatherapy – Yes! I actually wanted to apply there long-time!
4. Recherched and checked out ways how to pay less for health insurance and wrote several letters to my insurance to pay less and get some money back from years before, something that was on my to-do-list for long, too.

 Momentary Happy-end: 🙂

1. I now pay less for health insurance and even got some money back.
2. I am still self-employed! 🙂
3. I rented out part of my practice space- another thing I wanted to do for a year now! So that saves me some money each month.
4. I got both jobs as a docent for Aromatherapy! Hurray! :-))
Happily  one of them already started in September and the next part of the lecture is next week. …well yes, i am procrastinating or not prioritizing right now, as i should either prepare my lecture or go to bed! Anything BUT  writing in my Blog! well, well, …
5. A friend of mine asked me to give a paid!!! Workshop on Bodylanguage and Massage. Which I did last weekend.

The  result:

After having less money then none at all I have some o.k. money for now.

After having no paid work for a long time I have to give two 4 day – lectures on Aromatherapy in a school in my town and two 8 hour workshops in Berlin. All of that in 2 months…including preparing the lectures!

Which means: Stress! Excitement! Stress! Panic, too! Excitement! Work!

And look at me:
Suddenly I am there, preparing everything in short time, being structured and working.
Suddenly I am doing and arranging things that have been sitting untouched on my to-do-list for ages.

What is this?

I have to admit I only work under extreme pressure.

I am actually a bit  ashamed to say that. Even though I know how I work or how my brain works.
I mean, I had A LOT of work!
I was really afraid and panicking I won’t be able to prepare the Aromatherapy course in time. Especially after i had to follow a given and broadly defined lecture plan, having no idea what they were actually asking for.
I had very LITLLE TIME for preparation!
Every job was and is in a short time. One after the other.

This is how my brain works.
I hope my heart can cope with this panic and extreme rhythm, too.
Panic and Stress means Adrenalin and Dopamin.
And that makes me run and work and structure myself like I could not do before! Continue reading


The Curse Of Perfectionism And The Hyperactive Brain


It is almost 4 a.m. and I am still not in bed. Listening to an amazing music mix from this site .
I am thinking about perfectionism. These days I am all over the place, doing all kind of things and they leave me frustrated cuz nothing seems good enough.

On the one hand good- I am creating stuff, I have tons of ideas– nothing business related- just creativity for my satisfaction.
I am painting, sewing, scetching, colouring, doing wood works, writing and everything all together , chaotic- one day this, the other day or minute that. And while I am doing one thing, my mind already jumps to the next new ideas. Rollercoaster of thoughts.
On the other hand, because of my restlessness , in my hyper- state I want to do everything at once, realize my ideas- NOW!
And it feels like I don’t have the time to dig into the matter and become better. Which ends up, me doing a bit here and  a bit there. Or maybe I actually have the time and don’t allow myself to stay focused on one thing? Or can’t?

Perfectionism – Learning- Impatience – Restlessness – Self Esteem – Trust

One problem  is perfectionism.
I don’t remember when I became so perfectionistic. Continue reading

ADHD & Hypersensitive: Come On Baby, Shake It!


I am just re-reading a wonderful book I bought years ago in Findhorn, Scotland.

It is called:  ” Psychic Protection:  Creating positive energies for people and places ”  from William Bloom.
What I really love about this book is, that it’s down-to-earth, with easy & practical advice that is not based on superstitious or super-esoteric beliefs.

I’d like to share especially the following shake advice, not only because I like it and it is fun, but because I think it is very helpful  for ADHDers who are (emotional/ energetic) hypersensitive and also for those Hypersensitives without ADHD.


Imaginative Landscape, Aquarell (c) thefemmeaddon

Psychic? Hypersensitive?
In my opinion being emotional or energetical hypersensitive is not so far away from being psychic. In the meaning of being psychic is something everybody can be.
Psychic for me means to be able to use one or more senses, in a far more extended way. For example :  Seeing more- clairevoyant; hearing more – claireaudiance… And not only to use Your sense(s) more, but to be able to tune in to another frequence.
Maybe the difference of being psychic or hypersensitive, is to be able to use,  to shut off and understand your extended sense(s) and “signals” for the better. Well, at least in the best case!

Feeling attacked?
Another thing hypersensitive and psychic people have in common is, that they might feel energies or moods from other people are stuck on them. That they feel uncomfy at some places, with some people or they are excessively emotional disturbed after sensing or seeing a fight or another extreme situation, even if they are not personally involved in it.
This often ends up in being sad or depressed or angry for no reason.

Some believe this has to do with collecting the energy of other people/ places and  some even believe they get emotionally attacked  by somebody.

Blocked Energy
And here, after long explanation, I come back to the mentioned book and the advice. Continue reading

Energy Please! Essential Oils And Herbs For ADD/ ADHD: Wake Up Call and Concentration!


I have been promising since Halloween to write an article about Essentials Oils for Sleep Disorders…and nothing have I written yet about it.

But lately, I feel much more the contrary and  in need of  some Energy, something to wake me up!
Be it because I haven’t slept well the last nights, cuz my cat kept terrorising me for getting more food?
He has been stomach sick for one day only, but is still on some kind of diet with food. That causes him to think he is still starving and dying from hunger and screaming the whole night and scratching on everything he can find!
I finally  gave up today and gave him some cat crackers…

Or is it because of spring time fatigue?
Still beginning of February, but who knows?… Btw… I love it, that the days get longer now again! 🙂

So here is my suggestions, when You feel tired (for whatever reasons) and in the need of some Energetic Superpower!

… For all You quick and short readers: I summarized the qualities of the essential oils in a short list at the end of the article. ;-)

My first suggestion: Get some relaxing sleep!
Ok, that is kind of an easy suggestion and obvious.
And sometimes not possible. ( For me, most times not possible, too much to-do!)

Get some physical exercise. Go for a walk outside in the parc, woods, lake,… or do some Aerobic in your house or silly dancing, jumping around, whatever you feel like.
Physical exercise can increase the dopamin level and happy making endorphin level.

Make sure you are not ill and need to be treated by a physician. Well yes, that is a serious suggestion. Different illnesses , hormone imbalances ( e.g. hypothyreosis) or disorders can lead to tiredness. Most often You can use essential oils safely, together with a medical treatment.

So, you have slept enough, are physical ok. and not always but just now tired and want an

Essential Oil Energetic Boost:

If You are all over the place, can’t sleep and are extremely hyperactive, these oils may not be the best for You, but more some calming oils.
Especially Lemongrass and Rosemary can have a very energizing effect.


Cymbopogon citratus
Lemongrass oil is a  scent with a high energetic level. Like a high tone in music.
Vibrant, stimulant, fresh, of a light green colour.
It is a strong essence that gives a lot of power when tired and exhausted.
So strong that it is a bit like a “shocking” wake up, like a cold shower.
Lemongrass also helps with Concentration and Focusing, esp. with paper work.

Except from the essential oil, You can use fresh or dried Lemongrass as a Herbal Tea. Also a must-have for Thai  and Vietnamese Curries!Yummie! 🙂
Lemongrass has a cooling effect and is used in some countries against fever (e.g.India, in Jamaica it is called Fever Grass).


Citrus Limon
Lemon oil is fresh, vitalizing, and has a cheerful, uplifting energy.
Good for Concentration and Focusing on paper work, studies, writing, but also for long car rides.
A study in Japan showed, that the Essence of Lemon in a room, can reduce typos up to 54%!
I should use that more when blogging! So I dont have to recheck all time…

Lemon oil is helpful when you feel tired, but also emotional down.
It gives clarity and a more rational view  in conflicts and difficult emotional situations.
Lemon oil is also a natural antiseptic and desinfection oil.


Mentha x piperita

Ladybug needs some fresh breath? Mint leaves

Peppermint gives a fresh energetic kick! whenever we feel tired, stuck, burned out or emotional down.
Freshness not only for the breath but also for the mind!

Peppermint is a  cold essence, mixed with a vegetable oil, it can be applied on the head-front and temporal ( avoid eye contact!), when having headaches and migraines– from too much thinking or things going on, for example.
Also helpful when feeling nauseous or stomach sick.
Shouldn’t be used in bath salts or other bath oils= too long exposure, too much cooling off the body! Even in warm water.

Green Mint / Spearmint

Mentha spicata and Mentha spicata var. crispa “Nane”
Also interesting, when you prefer another mint scent that is not so strong and so cold as Peppermint.
Spearmint has a similar effect as Peppermint, but a bit lighter.
One of my favorite essential oils and also Herb for Tea and for food. Continue reading

Beautiful relaxing music from Bach- enjoy together with a cup of Lemonbalm tea?


What an amazing piece….. After having a real hard day and week, I just found this musical beauty on youtube. Together with a cup of herbal tea this music helped me a lot to come down, take some deep breaths and be remembered how beautiful living is and how unimportant sorrows and stress can be for the moment. I made  my herbal tea with: Lemonbalm, Orange and Jasemin blossoms, Fennel, Dandelion, Echinacea. Yummie! And this music is from the composer J.S. Bach, not Edward Bach from the Bach Flowers 😉 ….seems like Bach is a good name for creations… well “Bach” means a brook, a stream… bubbling ideas?

Happy Halloween ADHD Nightowls- Sleep Issues and ADHD


Happy Halloween,

Happy All Hallows’ Eve
Happy Samhain
to all Witches, Monsters, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves,  and other Nightowls ( like me) ! 🙂
And my best wishes to all those celebrating Todos Tus Muertos!

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 29th week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) User: Tomascastelazo

For the last day of the ADHD Awareness Month, I wanna share some thoughts about ADHD and sleep issues, like getting to bed, relaxing, sleeping through, getting tired and all these other sleep issues we can have.

Sleep issues are very common for people with ADD.

I always say I don’t have a sleep issue- when I finally go to bed in the late night/ early morning hours,  I sleep well and as long as I can. My only problem is to get up ( in the morning).
For example right now it is almost midnight, I had a long day, but I sit here drinking caffeineited drinks and started writing a post.
As I learned, going to bed very late, is also considered a sleep issue.
Ups! So that means I have a sleep issue, too!?

How many alarms do You set, when You have an important date next day?

I set 2 alarms: one close to my bed that I press snooze for as long as I can ( could be for an hour…) and one farer away of my bed to really get up ( though I managed more than once to sleep over that farer away alarm). If it is really really important to get up, I sometimes set 3 alarms. And You?

Getting to bed earlier vs. late night Creativity flow

I say and I heard from other ADDers, too that night time is the best time for me for creative work, thoughtful thinking, writing, painting, … Best ideas come up when I am over the tiredness and awake again, it’s like if I get over the first attack of evening tiredness, i shake of my ADD distraction and can finally start to focus. Sounds familiar?
Actually night time is for many a good creative time- the house is quiet, the streets outside, too, there is noone to call and noone calls usually at that time, so
Late in the night there are less distractions!

Also you might have planned or tried to start something the whole day, only to be distracted, doing all sorts of other things and finally, when it gets late, you can focus on the actual planned project. Continue reading