About me


Hello and Welcome to my wordpress Blog about my fADD life 😉

I hope You enjoy my random thoughts, ramble, ideas and tips about ADD and an insight of my ADHD life.
Please feel free to comment and share. 🙂


Who am I???

Words that could describe  me a little bit :

Multi-passionate, chaotic, open-minded, diverse, queer, talk quicker than think, impulsive and sometimes not at all, creative,  vegan, lazy, enjoy life to the full, struggling, too many ideas producing brain, cat owner  owned by a cat, procrastinate, unfocus, hyperfocus , ADHD, jacky of all trades, psychic, music lover, food lover, quick talker, restless, kinky, undecissive, hyper-and-active, feisty, sensitive,  nice, angry, multi-interested, enthousiastic, ….



I am a Herbalist, working with Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Essences and
a Japanese Acupuncturist and Body Worker. You will find my practice in Hamburg, Germany.

I also own a company where I design and make Aromatherapy products like Aroma mist sprays, Soy candles, Incense, …  called Fanatic Aromatic.

And I love to paint, sculpture, draw, perform, sew, ……… and write!


Have fun reading,



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank You for the link. I really liked your article and what you write about the groups sound great!
    I would love to join and I hope I can join even if I dont write so frequently..I am kinda bad with answering and facebook keeping in touch and writing all time 😉

    • So cool, thanks again.
      Strangely I am connected with this fb site, but havent seen the link….
      and great also with the shiny chickens site, that is a wonderful one!
      enjoy your day/ evening/…

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