A song for You to enjoy: BJÖRK

I have been listening to Björk for days again, I love her music and expression. I really truly admire her. For her way to know how to express herself/ her ideas/ her art and being able to follow through, produce and giving us this incredible gift, which is her music.


Btw: The video is not official from Björk but fanmade. It is quite disturbing, but I like it.


One thought on “A song for You to enjoy: BJÖRK

  1. Wow… I enjoyed it. Incredibly talented Bjork and an incredibly talented filmaker! A little disturbing yes, but to me… reminds me a bit of The Beautiful People. I can appreciate all art. Not sure if I have the nerve to post this on my FB page; I’d probably get unfriended fairly quickly by my mainstream friends. It’s ok that they’re mainstream… like I said, I like all kinds of artists. As long as there is some depth. Thanks for broadening my horizons. I can’t believe this vid is fan made!

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