ADHD & Hypersensitive: Come On Baby, Shake It!

I am just re-reading a wonderful book I bought years ago in Findhorn, Scotland.

It is called:  ” Psychic Protection:  Creating positive energies for people and places ”  from William Bloom.
What I really love about this book is, that it’s down-to-earth, with easy & practical advice that is not based on superstitious or super-esoteric beliefs.

I’d like to share especially the following shake advice, not only because I like it and it is fun, but because I think it is very helpful  for ADHDers who are (emotional/ energetic) hypersensitive and also for those Hypersensitives without ADHD.


Imaginative Landscape, Aquarell (c) thefemmeaddon

Psychic? Hypersensitive?
In my opinion being emotional or energetical hypersensitive is not so far away from being psychic. In the meaning of being psychic is something everybody can be.
Psychic for me means to be able to use one or more senses, in a far more extended way. For example :  Seeing more- clairevoyant; hearing more – claireaudiance… And not only to use Your sense(s) more, but to be able to tune in to another frequence.
Maybe the difference of being psychic or hypersensitive, is to be able to use,  to shut off and understand your extended sense(s) and “signals” for the better. Well, at least in the best case!

Feeling attacked?
Another thing hypersensitive and psychic people have in common is, that they might feel energies or moods from other people are stuck on them. That they feel uncomfy at some places, with some people or they are excessively emotional disturbed after sensing or seeing a fight or another extreme situation, even if they are not personally involved in it.
This often ends up in being sad or depressed or angry for no reason.

Some believe this has to do with collecting the energy of other people/ places and  some even believe they get emotionally attacked  by somebody.

Blocked Energy
And here, after long explanation, I come back to the mentioned book and the advice.
Bloom says, that this feeling of collected energy or attack is blocked energy that cannot flow in our body.
We might see something or sense something that provoces an emotion or we even meet somebody and already bring OUR OWN emotions to that meeting, like fear, anger, … and after that situation we can not LET LOOSE our emotions, feelings and therefor feel sad, angry, uncomfy …

Qi, Prana, Mana, …
From my perspective as a naturopath I totally agree with that.
In Chinese Medicine for example, it is all about the flow of Qi, our live energy.
If  Qi, or the Japanese say Ki, is blocked, it can lead to pain, sadness, anxiety, illness, …
There are similar believes in other cultures/ healing systems, too.

The fun Cure


Shake it! (c) thefemmeaddon

To release blocked energy, it is great to SHAKE !!!
Bring that energy to flow everywhere again and shake Your whole body!

Get up and shake Your hands, arms, shoulders, upper and lower body, legs and feet and your head and tongue and open mouth.
Looks stupid but is a lot of fun!
Also great when You are sitting for hours and especially after some intense meeting, situation, work or study time.
And great for kids, too!

Find some place for yourself even in your College, University, Work place and shake!
On the toilet? Or outside if  You don’t care being seen.

Shaking not only helps energy flow, it releases a lot of tension.
If You like You can sigh or let out a tone. Arrrgggghhhhhhh! Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrr!!!

And if You have a music box in Your head like me that pops up with a song after hearing some words, enjoy this music, that popped up in my mind after reading the words  Shake it!


Or how about this dance and song? Maybe You wanna be more relaxed when You shake and not care about the camera? Though the dance is good! 😉



What are Your experiences with Hypersensitivity and the shake ?
And what do You think about my ideas of similarities between Hypersensitive and  Psychic? Love to read Your comment! 🙂





One thought on “ADHD & Hypersensitive: Come On Baby, Shake It!

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and really like it, even if I am not an ADHD-Person…;)
    I experienced being hypersensitive, until I got a training, so I can say now, I am psychic.

    The first and most important step in this training, which I usually tell other people, is, that we often think, it is my feeling. Must be me, being depressed, sad, anxies. We can look at this feelings, when we are in Psychotherapy. But: in allday life it helps me to think, it’s from someone else. And to shake or just move and walk. .

    On the other hand the idea of being attacked is quite common, because we are trained to see the world as dangerous. But most of the times, we still stuck in past situations, feelings, and so on – instead of shaking us and just move on.
    And in this case it’s just our own stuck energy, and often not even a lot of it. I agree completely with William Booth, whom I actually like a lot.

    Waiting for your next advice;)

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