Improved And Confused: An ADD Work Life Day Story

Yeah I  have done so much today! 🙂

I had a work date real late at 7 pm and needed to prepare a lot before that.

I researched accupuncture points and herbs for recipes for a specific condition.
Not that I havent done that several times, but where did I write that down??? I lost the papers or cant find them. Also every case is different, so I need to do research anyway.

A quick sketch of WHAT A MESS! (c) thefemmeaddon

A quick sketch of WHAT A MESS! (c) thefemmeaddon

But this time I actually did the research AND wrote it down on my computer so at least it is saved on the disc. Improve! Improve! 🙂

Then I felt so professional, when I called up a homeopathic company, to ask them about a specific remedy they make and if it suits to my client needs.

I say I felt professional, cuz it reminded me so much of games, that I used to play when I was a kid.

I had this kids post-office game with different forms, stamps and postage stamps and I loved to get everything sorted,  stamp it, write  and fill out the forms.
Yeah the kid forms to fill out, were easy and fun!:)
…not like the complicated adult forms, where You dont know what they want from You and where- in some cases- you have to be so specific and correct that if you make a mistake you pay a fee or go to jail / hell!!! 😦
I mean, no wonder so many people hate paper work if what you write can have a huge/ scary consequence!

I also loved to play something like a secretary or manager, where I would make  calls, arrange things and dates, order stuff….
Of course I didnt have to check my finances for ordering. Of course none of my calls were real…I talked to an imaginary person.
Of course none of the dates I arranged, I had actually to go to!
That was fun!!!:-)

It is often said, that ADDers should make a game of their tasks. Today  at least the call felt like a game and was fun. Afterwards.
Wanna know how my day went on?

But I did more today:  I also created several herbal recipes, Massage oils for my work space and a herbal balm for applying.  Improve! Improve!

Of course I needed breaks during my getting OhSoMuchDoneDay! and played a bit of my favorite new computer games.
And procrastinated!

Hurry! (c) thefemmeaddon

Hurry! (c) thefemmeaddon

I still had that work date at 7,  so I ran way to late under the shower and got ready and packed my bag and jumped on my bike to cycle fast to my work space.
And while cycling fast I thought: This is so typical!
I had so much time the whole day to get ready and in the end I get ready too late and I am again stressed out and in a hurry!

Still cycling, a few seconds later this thought came to me:
Didnt I arrange something with the client about one week wednesday and one week thursday in turns?
And today was Wednesday. And the last date was Wednesday too.
I started to think about it and realising that probably the date is tomorrow, not today!!!! grrrr

I arrived at my work space and checked the dates and really the date is tomorrow!
All that last minute stress and hurry today and then nothing!
Can you believe that?

So instead of earning some money I went to buy some things and spent money.
At least everything is ready now for that date  and I can do other things tomorrow….

And what is Your story about Improving and Confusing?
Love to hear Your story, plz leave  a comment 😉

Today? (c) thefemmeaddon

Today? (c) thefemmeaddon


4 thoughts on “Improved And Confused: An ADD Work Life Day Story

  1. this was solid gold. Amazing to get the day wrong and realize it on the way. Also, i am not joking I love your sketches They are so wonderful and brilliant and I love them. I would love to have you do a sketch for me from time to time if you would not mind.

  2. Thank You! I have some clairevoyant thing going on and get stroke by a thought- like a flash of clarity in the confused mind. Mostly it comes after I did everything, like getting ready. Also I go to work space for a date and after I am there I “know” the cliebnt will call and cancel short time. I catch these energies…
    Seems like this thing was strong, the last days- On Tuesday I got struck by the thought that sb asked me a while ago for a receipt of a bill I had forgot to send ( it was paid already). And I forgot it again. I didnt check my fon on Monday and when I checked it tuesday – after the lightning thought- there was a call from this person from monday oon my mailbox, reminding me again!

    So happy You like my quick scribbled sketches! 🙂
    I would love to make some for You. For Your blog I suppose?
    I will try to keep it quick and scribbled or I get stuck in perfectionism and You will never get one! Cool, You could tell me a story and I try to sketch something for that. Or whatever you like. 🙂

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