Energy Please! Essential Oils And Herbs For ADD/ ADHD: Wake Up Call and Concentration!

I have been promising since Halloween to write an article about Essentials Oils for Sleep Disorders…and nothing have I written yet about it.

But lately, I feel much more the contrary and  in need of  some Energy, something to wake me up!
Be it because I haven’t slept well the last nights, cuz my cat kept terrorising me for getting more food?
He has been stomach sick for one day only, but is still on some kind of diet with food. That causes him to think he is still starving and dying from hunger and screaming the whole night and scratching on everything he can find!
I finally  gave up today and gave him some cat crackers…

Or is it because of spring time fatigue?
Still beginning of February, but who knows?… Btw… I love it, that the days get longer now again! 🙂

So here is my suggestions, when You feel tired (for whatever reasons) and in the need of some Energetic Superpower!

… For all You quick and short readers: I summarized the qualities of the essential oils in a short list at the end of the article. ;-)

My first suggestion: Get some relaxing sleep!
Ok, that is kind of an easy suggestion and obvious.
And sometimes not possible. ( For me, most times not possible, too much to-do!)

Get some physical exercise. Go for a walk outside in the parc, woods, lake,… or do some Aerobic in your house or silly dancing, jumping around, whatever you feel like.
Physical exercise can increase the dopamin level and happy making endorphin level.

Make sure you are not ill and need to be treated by a physician. Well yes, that is a serious suggestion. Different illnesses , hormone imbalances ( e.g. hypothyreosis) or disorders can lead to tiredness. Most often You can use essential oils safely, together with a medical treatment.

So, you have slept enough, are physical ok. and not always but just now tired and want an

Essential Oil Energetic Boost:

If You are all over the place, can’t sleep and are extremely hyperactive, these oils may not be the best for You, but more some calming oils.
Especially Lemongrass and Rosemary can have a very energizing effect.


Cymbopogon citratus
Lemongrass oil is a  scent with a high energetic level. Like a high tone in music.
Vibrant, stimulant, fresh, of a light green colour.
It is a strong essence that gives a lot of power when tired and exhausted.
So strong that it is a bit like a “shocking” wake up, like a cold shower.
Lemongrass also helps with Concentration and Focusing, esp. with paper work.

Except from the essential oil, You can use fresh or dried Lemongrass as a Herbal Tea. Also a must-have for Thai  and Vietnamese Curries!Yummie! 🙂
Lemongrass has a cooling effect and is used in some countries against fever (e.g.India, in Jamaica it is called Fever Grass).


Citrus Limon
Lemon oil is fresh, vitalizing, and has a cheerful, uplifting energy.
Good for Concentration and Focusing on paper work, studies, writing, but also for long car rides.
A study in Japan showed, that the Essence of Lemon in a room, can reduce typos up to 54%!
I should use that more when blogging! So I dont have to recheck all time…

Lemon oil is helpful when you feel tired, but also emotional down.
It gives clarity and a more rational view  in conflicts and difficult emotional situations.
Lemon oil is also a natural antiseptic and desinfection oil.


Mentha x piperita

Ladybug needs some fresh breath? Mint leaves

Peppermint gives a fresh energetic kick! whenever we feel tired, stuck, burned out or emotional down.
Freshness not only for the breath but also for the mind!

Peppermint is a  cold essence, mixed with a vegetable oil, it can be applied on the head-front and temporal ( avoid eye contact!), when having headaches and migraines– from too much thinking or things going on, for example.
Also helpful when feeling nauseous or stomach sick.
Shouldn’t be used in bath salts or other bath oils= too long exposure, too much cooling off the body! Even in warm water.

Green Mint / Spearmint

Mentha spicata and Mentha spicata var. crispa “Nane”
Also interesting, when you prefer another mint scent that is not so strong and so cold as Peppermint.
Spearmint has a similar effect as Peppermint, but a bit lighter.
One of my favorite essential oils and also Herb for Tea and for food.


Zingiber officinale
A spicy, warm, sharply scent made from the ginger root.
It is energizing, heating up life spirits and the hot steam to make our “machines” run better!
The Steampunk Essence
, so to say! 😉
Also helpful when feeling sick and against coughing.
When I once worked at an Indian restaurant- with fantastic food!- and came in coughing, the cook took a big piece of Ginger and grilled it in the Tandoor oven. He gave it to me and “forced”  me to chew and eat all of it: It was awful, so strong and intense taste, hot, too: but hey! my coughing was much better afterwards 🙂
Ginger is an important ingredient in Asian food and in Indian Chai.
Mixes well with Lemongrass, for food as well as for tea as well as for essential oil remedies.


Juniperus communis
Juniper oil is made from the berries, the branches or the wood of the tree.
It gives You power when You feel powerless, energy and vigilance when you feel tired, stability when you feel anxious or weak.
It gives contemplation and helps focusing, be it for learning, paper work or meditation.
Juniper oil has a strong wooden green scent, a bit medical, too, as it is often used and very helpful in natural remedies against rheumatic pain.
It has a warming and calming effect on the muscles.


Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary essential oil is a great oil for concentration, but also for energetic power.I already wrote more about Rosemary here.
Rosemary is warm and dry from its energy.
People with low blood pressure, constant tiredness with no physical reason and  people who suffer from cold hands and cold feet most of the time or shivering easily and feeling cold, can profit from a cup of rosemary herbal tea, every morning. Take it for a duration of 4 weeks. Than have a 6 week rosemary break at least.
Rosemary herbal tea is much stronger than Coffee. It shouldn’t be taken in the evenings when you want to sleep soon.


Another clear and vitalising essential oil I have discussed before here.


Quick Summary: Essential Oils for more Energy and Power

Oils with Cooling effect:

Lemongrass and Lemon

  • Uplifting, Energy boost, wake up, keep awake, vitalising, refreshing, High energetic level.
  • Strong oils for  Concentration, Focus. Rational.
  •  Fresh green lemony scent.


Peppermint and Spearmint

  •  Cold, Energetic kick!
  • Concentration, Focus
  • Sickness, headaches
  • Fresh mint  scent.


Oils with Warming effect:


  •  Energizing, heating up life spirits, spice up your life and brain!
  • Helps with sickness, cold and coughing.
  • Warm, spicy, sharply  scent.


  • Vitalising, Waking up, Power, Energy!
  • Brings together, contemplation, concentration, focus, meditation, stability.
  • Helpful with muscle pain
  • Strong green wooden medical scent.


  • Concentration, studies, clear head, remember and focus, uplifting
  •  Clear head than strong emotions and up and downs, a rational essence


  • Fresh wooden smell, Focus and Concentration,Clearness, Structure when emotionally scattered and distracted
  • Accomplish ideas and tasks, brings dreams into reality, Decision making

What do You think?

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