Overwhelmed And Lost In The Supermarket: Let Me Out!!!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!!!

It is not too late for new Year wishes, is it? Well, it is still January and I think there is always a good time for good wishes! 😉

Are You all busy with trying to keep up all the good New Year’s resolutions???

I tell You what happened to me this week:
I nearly got lost in the supermarket!
Which also reminded me of how many ADDers say they are totally overwhelmed by going shopping.
Shopping is a total stress factor for me , too,  but that thing last week was just too much!

Normally I do shop in smaller shops and supermarkets, which means I have to run from one place to another to get everything together.
But I live in a small quarter of the city and my bicycle is my friend, so that works.

But this week  I went to this huge supermarket. For me it was huge, but I think for you folks out there who have Malls, it was still a small one.
I needed to bring my shoes to the shoemaker outside the supermarket and then thought, well now I am here I need a few things, let’s just quickly grab them inside the market.

Pah! What a mistake! What a wrong thinking! QUICK??? NO WAY!!

Overwhelmed in Supermarket! (c) theFemmeADDon

Overwhelmed in Supermarket! (c) theFemmeADDon

I got totally lost!

TOO MANY THINGS! I couldn’t find anything I wanted, I forgot everything I wanted!
I was walking around trying to find at least some things!
Which stressed me out even more.

And Then: Really: How should you actually find something and buy something with all this noise?
And too much information- when in fact there is no information at all, just marketing blabla!

I thought I look for a Tablet PC, as they had some, but there was this TV screen close by with some ad for …i dont know what! It was booming in my ears, an awful voice through poor speakers.

BRABRABRA!Loud! Annoying!
So I left the electronic section .

Went for food and everywhere music with ads inbetween: Buy this ! buy that! offfer! Sale! Bullshit!
Trying to find what I need, trying to remember what I want, I couldn’t! I just couldnt concentrate. Bright light, too many things , aisles, stuff!
And no way out!
I was totally overwhelmed, I just wanted to get out!
And then I lost my shopping cart and had to walk again through all the aisles  to find it!

I thought I will sit here on the floor now and cry. And hope somebody nice comes by and shows me the way out.

Well I managed not to cry and I managed to find my way out – and to pay way too much for the few items I bought…but that’s another story…

And I thought: No wonder so many ADDers are overwhelmed by going shopping!
If I  only had the chance to go to such a huge market like this one…I dunno!
I might take some Rescue Remedy before and after shopping to survive!
And actually I think that these kind of supermarkets are not comfy for anyone….or most of the people, ADD or not.

So my only advice is:  Breathe deeply,  stick on your shopping list, listen to some relaxing music, look on the floor  and good luck!


I got a tip that there is song from the Clash with exactly the same title! How cool: Here comes The Clash:



6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed And Lost In The Supermarket: Let Me Out!!!

  1. Hey this was a great story. My wife wont let me go grocery shopping with her anymore because all i do is bitch about how much longer it will be until we leave. I hate it and i am sorry for your awful day I hope you salvaged it

    • Hey Tom,
      Thank You for your words. And lucky You! No more grocery shopping 😉
      And yes, I salvaged it. As soon as I found the way out and as soon as I arrived home, I was just happy to be home and go for my new passion: Aquarelle/ Watercolor painting! Cant wait till I can paint, helps a lot to come down…so much fun and …ohh these colours! 🙂

      • femmeaddon, you seem a remarkable lady and a brilliant writer. I really do enjoy reading you. sadly there seems to be no link for anyone to see your artwork. You seem as though you have been blogging for a long time.

  2. Hello Tom,
    ohhh thanks for the compliments! I am happy You like what I write! 🙂
    Never actually thought of myself as a writer and brilliant- wohoo! this is so good to hear!:-)- more of a speaker, but as long as I can write freely with no purpose- like marketing texts and words that I have to do for my self-employed business- I do love to write.

    And yeah the artwork link is actually on my to-do list:
    – opening an account on flickr or so and start scanning paintings and photographs to put them online…

    Some of my decorative artwork is already online and I plan to write a post about it. I just recently opened an onlineshop with decorative design candles and some essential oil sprays that I created..something also interesting for ADD people..the site is still only in German but if you like to look at the pictures, you are very welcome:
    I am blogging for 4 years or 5 years now, I started with another Blog about herbal medicine and workshops for DIY Herbal products-like Bath salts, Massage oils, Herbal tours in the city, … that blog comes together with my business as Herbalist and Naturopath… that is also in German….

    and then of course this blog, that I really love- I feel more free to write in femmeaddon- be it the language, be it that I just write what comes in my mind and not a specific topic, .. and I love to write in English, too.

    I just find it difficult to write more regularly, I would love to have more time for writing, but I do so many other things that I also love to do, so a post every here and now….;-)

    Thank you again for reading and commenting! I also like your work and it is wonderful to share.

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