Overwhelmed And Lost In The Supermarket: Let Me Out!!!


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!!!

It is not too late for new Year wishes, is it? Well, it is still January and I think there is always a good time for good wishes! 😉

Are You all busy with trying to keep up all the good New Year’s resolutions???

I tell You what happened to me this week:
I nearly got lost in the supermarket!
Which also reminded me of how many ADDers say they are totally overwhelmed by going shopping.
Shopping is a total stress factor for me , too,  but that thing last week was just too much!

Normally I do shop in smaller shops and supermarkets, which means I have to run from one place to another to get everything together.
But I live in a small quarter of the city and my bicycle is my friend, so that works.

But this week  I went to this huge supermarket. For me it was huge, but I think for you folks out there who have Malls, it was still a small one.
I needed to bring my shoes to the shoemaker outside the supermarket and then thought, well now I am here I need a few things, let’s just quickly grab them inside the market.

Pah! What a mistake! What a wrong thinking! QUICK??? NO WAY!!

Overwhelmed in Supermarket! (c) theFemmeADDon

Overwhelmed in Supermarket! (c) theFemmeADDon

I got totally lost!

TOO MANY THINGS! I couldn’t find anything I wanted, I forgot everything I wanted!
I was walking around trying to find at least some things!
Which stressed me out even more.

And Then: Really: How should you actually find something and buy something with all this noise?
And too much information- when in fact there is no information at all, just marketing blabla!

I thought I look for a Tablet PC, as they had some, but there was this TV screen close by with some ad for …i dont know what! It was booming in my ears, an awful voice through poor speakers.

BRABRABRA!Loud! Annoying!
So I left the electronic section .

Went for food and everywhere music with ads inbetween: Buy this ! buy that! offfer! Sale! Bullshit!
Trying to find what I need, trying to remember what I want, I couldn’t! I just couldnt concentrate. Bright light, too many things , aisles, stuff!
And no way out!
I was totally overwhelmed, I just wanted to get out!
And then I lost my shopping cart and had to walk again through all the aisles  to find it! Continue reading