Beautiful relaxing music from Bach- enjoy together with a cup of Lemonbalm tea?


What an amazing piece….. After having a real hard day and week, I just found this musical beauty on youtube. Together with a cup of herbal tea this music helped me a lot to come down, take some deep breaths and be remembered how beautiful living is and how unimportant sorrows and stress can be for the moment. I made  my herbal tea with: Lemonbalm, Orange and Jasemin blossoms, Fennel, Dandelion, Echinacea. Yummie! And this music is from the composer J.S. Bach, not Edward Bach from the Bach Flowers 😉 ….seems like Bach is a good name for creations… well “Bach” means a brook, a stream… bubbling ideas?


Happy Halloween ADHD Nightowls- Sleep Issues and ADHD


Happy Halloween,

Happy All Hallows’ Eve
Happy Samhain
to all Witches, Monsters, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves,  and other Nightowls ( like me) ! 🙂
And my best wishes to all those celebrating Todos Tus Muertos!

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This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 29th week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) User: Tomascastelazo

For the last day of the ADHD Awareness Month, I wanna share some thoughts about ADHD and sleep issues, like getting to bed, relaxing, sleeping through, getting tired and all these other sleep issues we can have.

Sleep issues are very common for people with ADD.

I always say I don’t have a sleep issue- when I finally go to bed in the late night/ early morning hours,  I sleep well and as long as I can. My only problem is to get up ( in the morning).
For example right now it is almost midnight, I had a long day, but I sit here drinking caffeineited drinks and started writing a post.
As I learned, going to bed very late, is also considered a sleep issue.
Ups! So that means I have a sleep issue, too!?

How many alarms do You set, when You have an important date next day?

I set 2 alarms: one close to my bed that I press snooze for as long as I can ( could be for an hour…) and one farer away of my bed to really get up ( though I managed more than once to sleep over that farer away alarm). If it is really really important to get up, I sometimes set 3 alarms. And You?

Getting to bed earlier vs. late night Creativity flow

I say and I heard from other ADDers, too that night time is the best time for me for creative work, thoughtful thinking, writing, painting, … Best ideas come up when I am over the tiredness and awake again, it’s like if I get over the first attack of evening tiredness, i shake of my ADD distraction and can finally start to focus. Sounds familiar?
Actually night time is for many a good creative time- the house is quiet, the streets outside, too, there is noone to call and noone calls usually at that time, so
Late in the night there are less distractions!

Also you might have planned or tried to start something the whole day, only to be distracted, doing all sorts of other things and finally, when it gets late, you can focus on the actual planned project. Continue reading