ADHD Awareness Month and Expo

Yeah let`s celebrate ourselves! 🙂

It is ADHD Awareness Month and there is a ADHD Awareness expo happening online this week, that You can register for free.

Interesting short videos and more….

Here is the link:

I just watched the video with Lidia Zylowska in the Archive, talking about Mindfulness and ADHD.

She wrote the book I talked about in a previous post  ” A Mindfulness prescription for ADHD” .

Though I am still struggling to read the book, it is so informative I cannot put it aside. And after watchig the video, I must say, I found the author so sympathetic, I wanna read the book even more! :-)) funny isnt it?

And actually since I have the book, I started to informe myself more and more about Mindfulness.

I wish You all a wonderful week and enjoy the Expo.


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