ADD and Self-Sabotage: Always Questioning Myself ? vs. Positive Affirmations


I just stumbled across another article from Bryan Hutchinson, that I like to share.

It is called “Creative Flow: There is Magic in asking Yourself the right questions”

Creative Flow: There is Magic in Asking Yourself The Right Questions – See more at:
Creative Flow: There is Magic in Asking Yourself The Right Questions – See more at:

I really like the article. Bryan is just pointing out to issues I deal a lot with, when it comes to creativity and not only creativity, but to work and life sucess in general, I would say.

Many ADDers like me, are experts in questioning themselves.
Some questions might be important, for finding better solutions, but some questions-and I would say- MOST OF THE QUESTIONS are about SELF-SABOTAGE: We are putting ourselves down, our ideas, our work flow.


Unfinished painting (c) thefemmeaddon

We ask questions that are more likely to destroy our self-confidence.

That often leads to disappointment, destroying the belief  that we can achieve something, destroying interest and lust for a planned project that should be fun and leads to never finishing something we actually wanted to do.

Another thing that is said in the article, I totally refer to, is that by saying: ” I will never finish this” or “I cannot do this” we forget THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS:

By saying these things and always thinking about our failure, we give this information out to ourselves and to the “Universe”, so that eventually this information will become true or that in the end we really start BELIEVE we cannot do this, we will never achieve this. Continue reading


ADHD Awareness Month and Expo


Yeah let`s celebrate ourselves! 🙂

It is ADHD Awareness Month and there is a ADHD Awareness expo happening online this week, that You can register for free.

Interesting short videos and more….

Here is the link:

I just watched the video with Lidia Zylowska in the Archive, talking about Mindfulness and ADHD.

She wrote the book I talked about in a previous post  ” A Mindfulness prescription for ADHD” .

Though I am still struggling to read the book, it is so informative I cannot put it aside. And after watchig the video, I must say, I found the author so sympathetic, I wanna read the book even more! :-)) funny isnt it?

And actually since I have the book, I started to informe myself more and more about Mindfulness.

I wish You all a wonderful week and enjoy the Expo.

Little Cypress Tree – So Focused!


Yesterday on the market I bought a cute little Cypress tree. 🙂

It was standing there between flowers and vegetables and it was talking to me: “Hey you, will you take me home with you, please?”
What a beautiful tree and such a nice question. How could I say no? 😉

Btw., I am not crazy, just a little bit, and yes sometimes plants kinda talk to me. They catch my attention and then somehow persuade me to take them home with me . And I feel sorry for the plants too, seing them in little pots in the super markets and then beeing thrown away when nobody buys them. So yes, my house and balcony is full of plants!

Anyway I was just coming from a meeting with a parents school, where I will offer some workshops about Essential Oils, Bach Flowers and Herbal Medicine next year.

And I thought, what a great way to talk about the Essential Oil of Cypress and show the plant.

When you see a Cypress tree you will understand its uplifting, straight forward, focused energy!
And even the little one I got, already shows this energy.
Take a look, what do you think? 🙂

Little Cypress tree
(c) theFemmeADDon

Actually I dont know what kind of Cypress tree this is. I tried to do some research today, but couldnt find it out. It is probably a Lawson’s Cypress mini-tree.

The Essential oil made from the  Cypress tree, I have been talking about in previous posts, comes from  the mediterranean Cypressus sempervirens.
But still, can you catch this energy? Of focus and clarity? Look how even this small tree here is all in shape naturally, growing straight to the sky, all leaves in place and not messed up and all around the place?! 🙂

I wanted to share this with you, after talking so much about the essential oil.
I ll keep the little tree next to my desk or on the balcony and pay it a visit and let myself get inspired, whenever I need focus and clarity! Probably I will be stuck next to this plant, cuz focus and clarity aint the most given gifts I have! LOL 🙂