Essential Oils for ADD: CLARITY for the scattered mind, calmness for anxiety

Uhhh I have been very busy the last weeks.
I opened a new business last year and finally wanna come out with my products to sell them.
One part of the business is creating several essential oil blends, that can help with everyday life.

So I was trying to make the perfect design for the labels of my spray bottles and of course , no one was perfect. I  tried many many different versions, fonts, and so on. It took my ages! Still not happy about design….

And of course I was also multi-tasking, cuz doing something and beiing creative and busy, my mind jumps from one idea to another.
nd so I was also trying to think about a blend for grounding oneself, the element Earth, some blend with Vetiver in it.
But: I just could not create the right formula and get the right idea. I read in books, tried to get an inspiration, ….

But then I started to create another Blend : Clarity!
That came to me easy, I was probably so ready for this and needed clarity, beeing stuck and confused with many ideas and not beeing happy about any of them, cuz none was perfect.

So here is my idea and essential oils for CLARITY:

It starts with Orange blossom water, cuz I wanted that specific scent and quality.  And the essential oil from Orange blossom ( Neroli) is very expensive.
This is a specific scent, it is an important ingredient for a good Eau de Cologne, some of you might recognize it as Florida Water or Cologne Water. In mediterranean countries this Cologne is often used as a everyday cologne, and after hearing from the use of Florida Water, it sounded familiar to me.
Neroli ( Citrus aurantium- Bitter orange blossom) is one of the most expensive and precious essential oils. 1000 kg of blossoms are needed for 1 kg essential oil!

NEROLI – Sunshine for Mind & Soul

Helps whenever we have the need to clear our mind and thoughts. Has a strong effect on emotions: wipes away sorrows and gives light, brightness and lust for life when anxious, depressed and full of fears. Gives strength, emotional stability and is said to clear and protect the Aura from negative energies.

Interesting enough, in the greek orthodox church ( and in the Catholic church in Portugal, too, as I’ve been told), they have something called blessed water and it smells like Cologne Water and Neroli ( loved that as a kid; my grandpa told me it is cologne;-) ).
This Water beeing blessed by some cleric, is said to heal and keep away bad spirits.
Having the knowledge now of Neroli and its protecting and healing quality, that idea  aint t  so wrong. Blessed or not. By church or just by nature. 😉

LAVENDER – Clean and clear

Another essential oil with a strong emotional effect. Lavender (Lavandula angustinufolia) is a strong antiseptic essence. Not only does it keep us safe from germs and bacterias and helps wounds to heal, it also heals emotional wounds and calms down when stressed out, in fear or in emotional pain. It is a wonderful help when having sleep difficulties.

Also it is a great cleaning essence. It actually  cleans well all household counters and floors. And it cleans and clears the confused mind, the negative thoughts, the sorrows, negative energies, …

It is THE essence that is safe to use directly on the skin. It is one of the most effective essences for burns.

BERGAMOT ORANGE- Classic scent supports Enlightenment

Another classic essence for Eau de Toilette and another essence that is bright and  light,  like a torch for the confused and scattered mind, leading us the way out of our selfmade twisted thoughts labyrinth.
Nice said, huh? Remember I am greek and love metaphors and paraphrases! LOL 🙂
Bergamot ( Citrus bergamia ) is famous for giving the specific aroma to Earl Grey Tea.

Bergamot is a transforming essence ( especially when mixed with other essences according to the desired quality):  When depressed, fearful, anxious, overwhelmed – it calms the mind and emotions, relaxing and soothing quality.
When tired, having a lack of energy, beeing physically/ emotionally down- it uplifts, gives energy, clarity, lust for life, ideas, inspiration.
Bergamot orange can increase self-empowerment!

I added other essences to this mixture:

CEDARWOOD –  Clarity without fear, Earth element for a better footing and stand

CYPRESS – strong uplifting, clarity, cleans from undesired emotions

FRANKINCENSE– for spiritual inspiration and support finding the right answers
Read more about the qualities of Cypress and Frankincense here

FENNEL – Clarity concerning emotions

And some other secret essences …… 😉
This are just some ideas for essential oils for Clarity. And btw: I actually managed to make the Earth blend a day later. Now that my mind was clear after using my Clarity blend. 😉

I will tell you about my earth mixture sometime … I will only say so much:  it is magic! 🙂


What do You think?

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