Vitamin supplements and Fishoil?

On so many websites and also books, I always come across dietary supplement pills, when it comes to Alternative treatment of ADHD.
I just wanna give my 2 cents and more to this discussion. I am not saying I know everything and I am not denying anyones experiences, I just wonder…. ask, and think aloud!

Getting tested for a vitamin deficiency

Food Not Bombs flyer

Food Not Bombs flyer (Photo credit: Toban B.)

Actually I don’t like the idea of taking vitamin pills and other supplements, for no severe health problem reason. It is true that  a deficiency can have a negative effect on nerves, behaviour, concentration, the body itself. And I am not saying that vitamin supplement is a never ever!
It is possible to  test a malnutrition and a malabsorption in any laboratory as long as I can afford it. There are specific blood tests, etc. There are also tests, to check if our body is capable of absorbing the vitamins and minerals out of the food we eat and if our body is capable to metabolize what it gets.
When can afford  food and prepare a healthy meal and as long as we don’t suffer from some illness or condition, that makes our body uncapable of absorbing or metabolizing vitamins and minerals, there is most often not a problem with a vitamin defiency, i my opinion.

I wonder, why is there often an advice for supplementary vitamins and minerals when it comes to ADD?

Is there a proven connection between ADD and malnutrition?

Did really so many with ADD get tested to see if  there they have  a lack of vitamins?  Especially  ADDers that have a healthy and balanced diet?
Is it really proven that ADDers have a malabsorption of vitamins and minerals or that we can’t metabolize them?
Or is it proven we need more vitamins and minerals because our brain is eating them alive in high amounts? so much that we can`t catch up on eating food?
AND, and this I find very important, was in these tests and studies, any detailed search done, to find  a cause that leads to a deficiency of minerals or vitamins with ADD???

Finding the cause of a deficiency

It doesn`t help to just substitute minerals and vitamins if you have a deficiency, without finding the reason for the deficiency!
If you can find the cause, for ex, it may be as easy as not eating enough proteins, or not eating enough green vegetables or maybe there is a problem with your metabolism; there are so many reasons why somebody can have a deficiency. If your doctor just tells you to substitute,  insist to find out the reason why you have a deficiency.

A balanced and varied dietFresh vegetables

A balanced healthy diet, with all the variety of vegetables and fruits and carbohydrates and fats and proteins we can get, freshly cooked and eaten raw, can prevent us from malnutrition and feeds our body with everything we need. As long as we can afford to buy food.

And I mean a balanced and varied diet. Like different freshly prepared food, from all colours, from growing above and under the earth.
And I am not talking of places , were there is no or very little and onesided food. Or of Vitamin D lack in cold countries with little sunshine. And I don’t mean places up on the mountains far away from the sea that have an iodine deficiency.

Ok maybe some are saying, I dont have the time to cook or I don’t know how to cook or cooking is too expensive? There are tons of recipes how to prepare a fast and healthy and inexpensible meal. There are also workshops that teach us how to cook. And as far as the money goes: How much is the cost of vitamin pills???

As long at it is possible for us to afford, absorb and metabolize food, it is easier for our body to absorb vitamins and minerals in their natural form, as they are provided in food.

High-dosed vitamin pills

Many vitamin pills are quite high dosed. When I check on the package which is the average amount of a vitamin my body needs daily,  and then check how high is the amount of the vitamin pill; I realize that the pill has a dosage of 200% or 300% of the daily vitamin need.
To me it makes only sense to take such a highly dosed vitamin on a daily basis, when I   have a severe vitamin deficiency.
What do You think?

Too much of a good thing can be bad

So lets talk about vitamin pills. First of all you can poison yourself and harm your body if you take too much esp. from the Vitamins A, D, E and K.
The other vitamins ( that are soluble in water) your body will get out, if they are too much. Our body works very efficient. It keeps and uses only as much vitamins and minerals  as it needs, for immediate use or for later. But also the storage capacities are limited.
The rest the body throws out. Mostly through the kidneys and the intestine system, so when we go to the toilet.
That is the best and  non-harming way, our bodies can deal with too much of something.
But in a worst case scenario, too many vitamins could irritate your system, your kidneys and your liver. If you take a lot. Quite a lot. too too too much.

This is another reason, why I prefer to take vitamins through food. It is nearly impossible to get too much, a harming-your-body-to-much through eating food. Like you have to eat soooo much of  one sort of food, you probably get sick before you can eat as much as to “overdose” yourself with vitamins.

Money making with fears

And my last saying on this discussion will be the following. How come that we are talking so much about vitamin and mineral supplements, in the most rich countries in the world, with the biggest variety of food??? Because we can afford it? Or because we can’t afford to get healthy varied food?
Because we are easy to scare? Because we get told in advertisements and on public tv, that we have a lack or might have one and how important vitamins are?  Because we pay it???
Because the industry put into our minds, that this is the only thing we can dor for our health without a doctors consultation? without a medical degree?

So far my thoughts to this issue and why I won’t tell you on this blog, that taking Magnesium and Zink will heal your ADHD.

Last but not least I like to share  a critical BBC video on youtube , called “The truth about vitamins” , if you are interested in this topic! 😉

You can also find this article under my pages here

Maybe I will also write a list of food that contain substances good for our nerves, maybe….


What do You think?

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