Credits and copyright for pictures

As I m writing in wordpress now, I found this easy to handle function:  WP is offering me links to websites and pictures related to my content.
BUT what I dont like, is that the name of the photographer doesnt appear under the picture.   Thanks to my partner for mentioning this! 🙂

When I choose a commom license pic from wikipedia, it says ” source: Wikipedia” without naming the photographer. Only when you click on the picture, only then you are forwarded to the wikipedia site with the picture and the name of the photographer.:-( Not nice! I try to take as many pictures that I shot as I can , but  I dont have so many related to my content.
This is something I liked more about tumblr- tumblr would always name the source and the copyright person.

I will try to get through the pictures and write the name of the artist under it….

And btw … english is not my native language ( as noone could tell! 🙂 lol )   and I try to write as properly as I can. I hope everything is understandable and please excuse my mistakes . I am always happy for correct grammar and word suggestions ( I am not promising though that I will rewrite everything)  😉

And another btw.. I am still searching for another theme to use…. any suggestions?


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