music and writing and loud thinking


Street Art in Hamburg, Germany ©

So I am thinking to start to write about the Bach Flower Remedies like I pronounced. I am thinking about what to write,  while I am listening to a youtube channel Motown 60`s music and I have difficulties thinking.

Either thinking and writing or listening to music…. ???

I often tried to find some chill out music that I could listen  in the background while I am working on something, esp. thinking and writing, but really chill-out music annoys me! gets on my nervs! I wanna listen to ‘real’  music, music with soul, with heart, with temper, not some “Dahingeplänkel” I would call it in german. What is a proper english word for that ? Banter or skirmish the online dictionary says…. Rambling my girl-friend says, but more for words.

How do you deal with Music and ADD and working on something?  Do you have any good  tips for music that I dont have to give my full attention to, because it is so brilliant?

Cuz that’s the point: When I hear music I really like, I get into some hyperfocus state and the music really digs me in – or I really dig into the music? I dunno the right grammar 4 this. And music I dont like, I dont wanna listen to . At all! 😉

So this is what I did early today:


handmade Soy-Wax cupcake candles ©

Cupcakes handmade from EcoSoya-Wax, the green one with peppermint essential oil, the pink one with rose geranium essential oil.
But there not for eating, only for decoration  and to use as a candle… I would love to have a cupcake now for eating!!! 🙂

One of my many projects…. Soon I will sell them…
All natural ( well 99,9 %, I still couldnt figure out which natural product to use to color them properly, without killing the flame; the yellowish of
the bottom from the cupcakes   is colored with curcuma, that works really well),
vegan, cruelty-free and enviromental friendly , gmo-free  Aromatherapy candles 😉


One thought on “music and writing and loud thinking

  1. These candles look delicious! And music while working isn’t an issue for me anymore, I used to have this when I was a teenager, and study or concentrate better with music, but then I switched to working or concentrating in a busy environment. I don’t think I have ADD but for me working in a busy café is really the best, empty, quiet and ordered environments make me feel completely lost and unable to focus or concentrate.

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