Lemonbalm = Melissae officinalis – helps to calm your mind and belly

Lemonbalm, Melissae officinalis, is a wonderful lemonlike aromatic herb. Not only bees love this plant, it helps us to calm down and it gives clarity, be it in the daytime when You are too confused
or in the evening to help  calm down the  mind when all those thoughts and to-do’s spin around in your head.

English: Melissa officinalis L.

English: Melissa officinalis L. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Amedee Masclef

This plant can help you to get to sleep and have wonderful dreams. 😉

Melissa also helps when your digestive system is up and down, when your worries or stress is hitting on your stomach and you feel sick.

The essential oil from Melissae offic. is very precious and

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:JoJan

therefor very expensive. Often cheaper essential oils are called Melissae oil, but there not from Melissae offininalis but mostly from a plant called Melissa indicum, this plant has not the same effect.

But it is easy to use Melissae offic. as herbal tea.
Just have a cup of  melissa tea when you want to calm down, need some rest from a busy day or mind or if you have problems with going to bed or fall asleep. It also lifts up emotionally when you are feeling  sad or  depressed.

Melissa is like a gentle loving touch and comforting when anxiety, stress or anger  bothers Your body and mind.


6 thoughts on “Lemonbalm = Melissae officinalis – helps to calm your mind and belly

  1. I plan to start growing it as soon as I can get the plants- let there be lemonbalm in the garden! :-))

    • Hey Erich

      How wonderful that you wanna plant this great herb in Your garden !:-)) Melissae officinalis is such a wonderful plant, smells and tastes so good and you can even put some leaves in a homemade lemonade and aromatize it. Also tastes interestingly nice in some salad or food.
      Just make sure You give the plant some nice place or a big pot, because it can spread all over your garden. 😉 And ones the plant feels well, you can have it for a long time. Melissa is quite an easy plant, doesn t need too much attention and care. Just a little bit sun, water and love.
      I am sure it wont be so hard to find it, in some good plant store that have herbal plants. Good luck!

      Thank you so much for your comment, that gives me even more motivation to continue writing about herbs, if my words and information can be an inspiration for planting a medical herb in the garden! 🙂 🙂

  2. P.S: Having used Melissa essential oil for almost two weeks now, 2x 3 drops and 2x 5 drops per day, I am now wondering if I should get another little bottle. It has been such a life saver, my belly was so upset and my sleep was so bad and not restful at all. Is it advisable to continue using melissa to that amount or should I have the oil around for using ore as an emergency thing?

  3. Dear Rita, I am happy that Melissa is saving Your life! 🙂
    You are taking a special Melissa tincture, not an essential oil ( that in fact would cost around 400 Euros for 20 ml ;-o )! These kind of tinctures are much stronger in their effect then a tea and therefor have to be taken more carefully in the amount of tincture, duration and frequency. It is good to check back with your medical herbalist and ask for professional advice, when you take a strong phytotherapeutic medicine like this.
    But thank you for your comment, you reminded me to say something about how long you can take herbs and how often.
    I will post the information on the page ” How to take Herbs” under the “Herbal and alternative treatment …”
    You will find this here

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