the 15 minute timer update…ah now I get it! :-)

So while I was copying and paste my old articles I also read them.. well, the short ones to be true… and I stepped upon the 15 minute timer thing again and

Yes! I learned now how to use it or better say how it should be used: So no its not about taking a break 😦


Timer (Photo credit: cdw9)

but the idea is to stay on track with what you are doing, it helps managing distraction!

So while I am working on something, I set the timer, 15 minutes, and when the alarm goes of, I ll check: Am i still doing what I actually wanted to do? Am I still focused on the task I planned and started with? Am I still on track?
or did I already managed to play a game online, check my mails, write comments in fb, surf on the net for some “very important” research, when in fact I sat down to write a text for work, for example.
or another example: I want to clean the dishes, I start with that and when the timer rings after 15 minutes…Am i still doing the dishes?
or do I find myself having 10 things in my hand and wandering in my appartement to find a place where to put them?
or did I started taking my wardrobe apart, cuz when I took a dirty glass for dishwashing out of the sleeping room, I saw that shirt on the floor and I ask myself where is the skirt that looks so nice with that shirt and I try to find it and therefor I have to throw all my clothes from my cupboard out on the floor, cuz of course its not there somewhere, anywhere …while I still have the glass for dishwashing in the hand!! 🙂 or 😦 ??

So now that I know how the 15 minute timer can be used, I think : Yeah! thats really good!

Now maybe I should use this?! 🙂


What do You think?

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