Some general information

So of course, some of my ADD symptoms, I mentioned before, aren`t immediately a proof for having ADD. There is much more about it, there are other diagnosis that can cause the same symptoms.
Just to name a few: Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), …
Also there are so called comorbidities, which means there are more syndroms present in one person. AD/HD can come along with Depression, PTSD, etc…

And there are many beautiful sides of ADD: Creativity, different and open thinking, and many many more.

If You think You have Adult AD/HD, get informed: There are plenty of sites on the web that can give You a clear view of ADD. I will soon add some links.
And find a specialist. Get connected with others.

ADD comes along in various forms. With or without hyperactivity, emphasis on beeing distracted, mixed forms,…

There are also different spellings, like ADD, AD/HD, AD(H)D, and so on.
I will spell it ADD, cuz it’s easier for me to write.;)


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