New old Blog…moving from tumblr

Hello everyone…

So I thought I ll move from tumblr, now that its sold to yahoo…. Spend hours now with finding a theme ( for now) , setting the colors, copy and paste my articles from tumblr, until I finally found the “import articles”  settings here on WP.

Puh…. and I actually remembered again what I dont like about WordPress…. some things you have to search for hours, I cant change the size or style of the letters / font without paying…well its ONLY 39 USDollars, so? ….and so on….

But there are also things I dont like about tumblr… tumblr is more easy, it is much easier to paste in articles and videos from other sites and it shows you immediately all the information needed: where is the source of the data, it shows a little preview pic of the link, etc…

BUT:  I couldnt find good themes yet for articles and I cannot structure my text and article how I like them to be.

And NO I am not going to learn now how to set up a website by myself, how to deal with css and all that, oh no that would be tooooo much on my never ending, never finishing To-Do-List!


So I try and figure out what I ll do, probably keeping both blogs and importing from tumblr all the links and videos 😉

So instead of writing the articles I wanted to, I spend hours on the Settings and trying to find editing and importing buttons, and now its 5 a.m.!!! Typical ADD in a way for me….

Hurry to bed…. now 🙂


What do You think?

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