In search for an ADD-Coaching book


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After having read several Self-Coaching books in the past years for getting organised, with mostly little sustained effect, I am looking now for a Coaching book esp. written for ADDers.

There are many books on the market:
Written from de-cludder-professionals, psychologists, therapist, ADD-people, parents with ADD kids, doctors, coaches, people with or without ADD, etc. .
So I start doing the research.
As I dont have that much money, to buy several books and dont have that much time to read them, I try to find a good book through the web that suits me.

My steps:
1. I check ADD-related Websites, Forums, Blogs for book recommendations.
2. I go to amazon and check the customer ratings and comments for that book.
I start reading the rating reviews that give 1 or 2 stars only. Because, if these reviews say something negative about the book that I wouldn`t like either, I can forget that book. If there are comments in the 1 star reviews I also read the comments, maybe people say that the author never said something like this & that and so on.

Helping comments & reviews, criterias for not buying a book can be:

– this book only works for medicated ADD-adults or talks only about medication
– You need to have a lot of money to follow the instructions in the book, like get & pay a personal coach, a housecleaner, a professional for bills & paperwork, a lot of expensive furniture ( for the furniture you dont need only money but also a big house btw.),…
– this book is not well written, to many “empty” words, repetitions, only little practical advices, the author just talks about him/herself, …
-the author is patronizing and pathologizing, talks of ADD as:
the disease, the illness, the burden, ….
I could go on with that list.

But: if I am still interested in the book, I go to step
3. I check if the book is in googlebooks and if I can look inside.
I read the table of content. Interesting?
Than I scroll down and read parts of the text.
Do I like the language of that book? Is the way of writing easy & understandable for me, can I concentrate on the text? Is it pleasant, helpful, respectful, funny? Or boring?
Is it written in a style that gets my attention?

So this is what I did a lot last week. I haven’t found a book yet. There a sooo many books. I get lost.
Too many options arent easy for me. I love them and hate them. I have a hard time to decide.

And I haven`t found MY book yet.

But I found another one, that was second hand and very cheap. A book for focusing.:-))


3 thoughts on “In search for an ADD-Coaching book

  1. Mine will be out “shortly” [working title: Rewrite Your Coaching Manual] – ADD Coach Training field founder, btw.

    Meanwhile, click over to my blog. I keep posting excerpts.

    Like your list of qualifiers, btw. – mine too.

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    (blogs: ADDandSoMuchMore, ADDerWorld & ethosconsultancynz – dot com)
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Thanks for Your comment. I like the “shortly” 😉
      Good Luck with Your book and I am happy to explore Your blog and book when it´’s out! 🙂

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