I need to clean the bathroom…

…but before that I will just have a smoke on the balcony, the sun is shining so nice 🙂 Oh and as I sit here, I might as well write done some ideas about organising myself. Or hey, why not write a blog about ADD?

I recently found out / suggest / be pretty sure about having Adult ADD.
My partner gave me a hint several times, I did not notice her “hints” at all. When? Where? Last time she told me twice straight ahead: ” Oh You have ADD!”

First of course denial ~ I am not that hyperactive, more active in my mind than jumping around, I was good in Elementary school… Well the common misunderstandings of ADD and especially Adult ADD and Women with ADD. The most frequent picture we get in TV and reports about AD/HD is a little screaming and running around boy. Stereotypes. And mostly not nice! ( The poor parents… irony).

So I spend a whole night on the internet, reading about symptoms, stories, diagnosis criteria, different forms of AD/HD. Ups!

That is ME!!!

Disorganised? Totally! Always!
…wandering mind…drifting…
can hear noises & gets all conversations in a crowded place…
Talkative with others- A Lot!!!
Interrupting and impatient…uhhh, yes….
In fact I always “blamed” that on my greek mediterranean heritage…

Or not meeting anyone at all.
Suffering from misunderstandings.
Hard time having  “real friends”.
Beeing so overwhelmed, nervous all tiime, busy with thoughts, distracted, veeeryyy sensitive, easy to hurt.

Difficulties keeping up the contact with friends.
I just dont contact them often and regulary enough ~ calling, sms, mail: I am so bad with that.

But hey! ” I thought of You a lot!:)”
And hey! Calling my friends is on my To-Do-List!
There it stands on that piles of papers on my desk:

call xyz
get a shower, wash hair
do the dishes
get prepared for work appointment, dont forget to take this and that
meeting  xys on 8 o`clock
Cook food

Yeah, but now I got distracted/ drifted away again, from what I wanted to write actually. That will be my next post:

The 15-minute-timer or In search for an ADD-coaching book.
Btw: I really did clean the bath, after writing!  well done Me! :-))


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