Vitamin supplements and Fishoil?


On so many websites and also books, I always come across dietary supplement pills, when it comes to Alternative treatment of ADHD.
I just wanna give my 2 cents and more to this discussion. I am not saying I know everything and I am not denying anyones experiences, I just wonder…. ask, and think aloud!

Getting tested for a vitamin deficiency

Food Not Bombs flyer

Food Not Bombs flyer (Photo credit: Toban B.)

Actually I don’t like the idea of taking vitamin pills and other supplements, for no severe health problem reason. It is true that  a deficiency can have a negative effect on nerves, behaviour, concentration, the body itself. And I am not saying that vitamin supplement is a never ever!
It is possible to  test a malnutrition and a malabsorption in any laboratory as long as I can afford it. There are specific blood tests, etc. There are also tests, to check if our body is capable of absorbing the vitamins and minerals out of the food we eat and if our body is capable to metabolize what it gets.
When can afford  food and prepare a healthy meal and as long as we don’t suffer from some illness or condition, that makes our body uncapable of absorbing or metabolizing vitamins and minerals, there is most often not a problem with a vitamin defiency, i my opinion.

I wonder, why is there often an advice for supplementary vitamins and minerals when it comes to ADD?

Is there a proven connection between ADD and malnutrition?

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Credits and copyright for pictures


As I m writing in wordpress now, I found this easy to handle function:  WP is offering me links to websites and pictures related to my content.
BUT what I dont like, is that the name of the photographer doesnt appear under the picture.   Thanks to my partner for mentioning this! 🙂

When I choose a commom license pic from wikipedia, it says ” source: Wikipedia” without naming the photographer. Only when you click on the picture, only then you are forwarded to the wikipedia site with the picture and the name of the photographer.:-( Not nice! I try to take as many pictures that I shot as I can , but  I dont have so many related to my content.
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Bach Flowers for ADD / ADHD – Focusing, Attention and Concentration: Chestnut Bud, Clematis, White Chestnut


The following Bach flower remedies can help up with beeing inattentive or dreamy, if we have difficulties concentrating, staying on track and procrastinating and loosing things, forgetting dates, …
These flowers have to do with the issue of not beeing present with your mind in the moment, but somewhere else.

Wow, these themes are no way referring to any of us ADDers, huh? 😉 No problem at all 🙂 LOL


English: Chestnut flower These amazing inflore...

English:Chestnut flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jonathan Billinger

  • Busy mind full of thoughts
  • repetitive thoughts
  • repetitive sorrows and worries in the mind
  • worries or  fears always “ramble”  in the mind
  • to-do-list doesn`t stop inthe mind
  • ongoing conversations in the mind about discussions and  talks you had with others ( “i should have said thisand that” ) Continue reading

Bach Flower Remedies for ADD – Indecison and insecurity: Wild Oat, Cerato, Scleranthus


The following Bach Flowers can help if you have difficulties making  decisions.

Some of us want a lot from life or maybe just some little things to get, but we dont know how  to decide what? where? when? how?

and we feel insecure and  stressed out if we have to make a decision.

These Flowers have also to do with  not trusting our instincts, not beeing in contact with ourselves.


English: Common Wild Oat, Avena fatua. Deutsch...

English: Common Wild Oat, Avena fatua. Deutsch: Flug-Hafer, Avena fatua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Christian Fischer

  •  Having the wish to do something of prominence in life/  having ambitions for life
  •  wish to make many experiences and enjoy life to the full
  •  many many ideas without a plan what I really want, what is the one thing I wanna do, learn, work, achieve in life
  •  life-changing decisions / difficulties to decide on the big plan in life,
  • always, most of the time  starting something, a lot of things without finishing them/ also starting a job,  studies without finishing them or not keeping the job because nothing fits, because its not the right thing, because you have the feeling if you decide for one thing you can`t do all the other things you wanna do
  • thoughts of not really following your talents or now you wanna follow another plan , idea
  • not beeing able to decide from many possibilities, many wishes
  • beeing frustrated because indecisiveness leeds to the feeling of not really following the own personal aim in life and standing behind the actual life (plan) &  not beeing able to live your possibilities and talents because of indecisions and insecurities Continue reading

music and writing and loud thinking


Street Art in Hamburg, Germany ©

So I am thinking to start to write about the Bach Flower Remedies like I pronounced. I am thinking about what to write,  while I am listening to a youtube channel Motown 60`s music and I have difficulties thinking.

Either thinking and writing or listening to music…. ??? Continue reading

Wonderful and free E-books (not only) for ADDers


I love to share these wonderful and empowering free e-books from Bryan L. Hutchinson.

You can download them after signing up to the website.

On the website You can also find a forum to share Your thoughts, life, experiences of ADD with others. 🙂

Lemonbalm = Melissae officinalis – helps to calm your mind and belly


Lemonbalm, Melissae officinalis, is a wonderful lemonlike aromatic herb. Not only bees love this plant, it helps us to calm down and it gives clarity, be it in the daytime when You are too confused
or in the evening to help  calm down the  mind when all those thoughts and to-do’s spin around in your head.

English: Melissa officinalis L.

English: Melissa officinalis L. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Amedee Masclef

This plant can help you to get to sleep and have wonderful dreams. 😉

Melissa also helps when your digestive system is up and down, when your worries or stress is hitting on your stomach and you feel sick. Continue reading